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5995 Radmere Drive Elk Grove, CA. 95757  / Office  phone: 916.761.9661 Email:abovealldrivingschool@gmail.com

Behind the Wheel Training Hours:


4:30 pm to 8:pm

Sat & Sun

8: am to 6: pm

Established in Elk Grove

Jan 12, 2016

Business License #22891

About Us

Strengths of AboveAll Driving School

  • DMV approved instructors
  • Comprehensive knowledge of California Vehicle Codes.
  • Extensive Behind-the-Wheel training with experienced drivers as well as first time drivers. (5500 +hours).
  • 30 years of safe driving experience and 20 years teaching safe driving to professional drivers for a Fortune 100 Company
  • 7 years of previous experience working with other driving schools; combining and incorporating the best practices in safety and defensive driving from both industries.
  • Well versed in Space and Visibility Methodology (safe, driving, and defensive driving techniques) and The Smith System techniques.
  • Owner earned: Masters of Arts in Human Resources Management and Bachelors of Arts: Health and Safety Studies; therefore understands human diversity issues and different learning styles
  • AboveAll is dedicated to student safety.
  • AboveAll is committed to maintaining safety and integrity of all it’s training and business practices.

The Driver Training School Industry

Driving schools are a necessary entity for students learning to drive. The industry is littered with organizations that are solely focused on getting as many students as possible to meet the company bottom line profit margin. The need for a reliable and trusted driving school is critical to combat this mentality and provide students with in-depth training that must last each student a lifetime.

This industry will continue to grow as the population expands. Safe and aware drivers are necessary to keep our roads secure and accident free. My goal is to enhance the skill of the student driver by insuring they take ownership of this new opportunity of responsibility of becoming a skilled driver.

Safety and defensive driving strategies are incorporated into every lesson, not as an offering to purchase more lessons. Every lesson incorporates the basic defensive driving skills necessary to operate a vehicle. This safety mindset, awareness, and responsibility is included in every lesson.

Twenty years ago I found that teaching professional drivers the fundamentals of safe driving, for the largest transportation organization in the world provided me with a sense of value and responsibility to put safe drivers on the road.

That experience was exciting, fun, and left me with the desire to use this skill to teach new and inexperienced students safe driving skills.

AboveAll Driving School is guided by this philosophy.


Eugene D. Jones I, MA - Owner /Operator

AboveAll 2016