AboveAll Driving School, LLC - DMV# E-2034

5995 Radmere Drive Elk Grove, CA. 95757  / Office  phone: 916.761.9661 Email:abovealldrivingschool@gmail.com

Behind the Wheel Training Hours:


4:30 pm to 8:pm

Sat & Sun

8: am to 6: pm

Established in Elk Grove

Jan 12, 2016

Business License #22891

We Deliver Confidence

Services and Cost

  1. AboveAll Driving School will invoice all customers 24 to 48 hours before the first scheduled lesson date.
  2. Instructor will not accept payment at the pick-up location.
  3. Once a Service is selected you will be directed to the Appointment Scheduler.
  4. We recommend scheduling ALL lessons while you are in the Appointment Scheduler




Value Package:Three 2-Hour BTW Driving Lessons

Please Note: Students under 17 1/2 years old must complete 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training with a certified driving school prior to taking the DMV Driver License Test.


Driver Ed Package: Three 2-Hour BTW Driving Lessons

To qualify the student must have taken Drivers Education with AboveAll Driving School to receive the discount. (Certificate Number Required)



One 2-hour BTW Lesson

Recommended for 18 years and older preparing to take the DMV Licencing Exam. 



Drivers Education On-line Training


On-line Traffic Violators School - ADULTS

By successfully completing this Traffic Violator School this course you will mask a traffic citation (and the points that come with it) from appearing on your official DMV driving record.


On-line Mature Drivers Improvement Course - ADULTS 55+

In California drivers age 55 and older can save money on their auto insurance simply by completing a mature driver improvement course. Insurers are mandated to reduce rates for three years, but the amount of the discount varies with each insurance provider; check with your agent for the details